Friday, April 13, 2018


Your voice is a bewitching sound.
I follow you. I leave the shore.
I’m in too deep and still want more.
The waves come crashing all around.
The sirens sing entrancing lore.
You want me here forevermore.
You pull me in. You pull me down.       
Each step I take, you take in turn.
Chase the dark and shadows chase you.
There is no light that passes through.
Once you’re too far you can’t return.
I sense the fear but love the view.
It’s all a lie but feels so true.
I follow you. I never learn.

Friday, April 6, 2018

On the Road

They said you’re too old to be immature.
They said you’re too young to know your own mind.
You picked up the nearest travel brochure.
You packed your things and left them all behind.

You wanted a reason to run away,
And I won’t say you have to settle down.
It’d be nice if you could visit someday.
That doesn’t mean you have to stick around.

You move so much that you never unpack.
You say you prefer being left alone.
You’re free, and there’s no one to hold you back,
But life’s more fun when you’re not on your own.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Princess and the Goose Girl sample

Chapter 1

           Everyone is unusual in their own way, but some people are much stranger than others. Alissa was the strangest girl in the whole world, but this was apparent only to Enya. The other village children who played with Alissa thought she was a normal child. For this reason, among others, Enya thought the other children were simpletons. How could they not notice Alissa’s peculiar ways? She had such a soft lilting voice. She walked with dainty steps. Even when she ran and played with them, Alissa had this graceful presence that Enya found very unnerving. Under normal circumstances, Enya would have declared Alissa as odd and given no more thought to this urchin, but there was too much that remained unknown. Very little was known about Alissa, and this bothered Enya to no end. Whenever Enya asked Alissa about her family or where she lived, Alissa would evade the question. She would give vague answers or change the subject so cleverly that none of the simpleton children noticed. 

        “Alissa, what occupation does your father have?” Enya asked.

       “My father has died,” she replied.

“Oh Alissa, I’m sorry,” the other children consoled.

“But what did he do before he died?” Enya persisted.

        “Mostly he got on my mother’s nerves,” Alissa giggled. The other children laughed with her.

         “What is your mother’s name, Alissa?” Enya asked.

         “Oh, I don’t call her by her name. That would be considered rude, and she would not approve. I call her ‘mother’,” Alissa answered.

           “But what is her name?”

          “Why, that is my name for her. Though sometimes I address her as ‘mother dear,’ but only when she is particularly cross. Horace, what do you call your mother?”
          “I call her ‘mother’ too! Well, sometimes I call her ‘mama.’” Horace replied. 
          Of course, the other children did not want to feel left out. Though Enya attempted to continue her interrogation, her questions were drowned out by the various maternal endearments that the children contributed to the conversation. Not that this interruption really mattered. Enya realized she would gain nothing from her questions. Nonetheless, she decided that she would discover the truth about Alissa once and for all.

   For months, Enya tried to follow her, but Alissa would lose her every time. Though Enya tried to be quiet and quick, she was not as swift as Alissa. Eventually, Enya was able to follow her through the woods but lost sight of Alissa just outside the castle wall. 

“She is an evil phantom that was sent to torment me!” Enya declared. “Despite what those fools may think of her, she is certainly no angel. An angel would have pity on me and take me in so I would not have to beg for my food like a mangy dog.” 

She had yet to learn anything, which was very aggravating, yet she felt that she was close to finding answers. Enya exhaled and tossed her hair out of her face. She turned around to leave but stopped so abruptly that she almost fell over. She had spied a large bush near the wall. An idea flashed across her mind like lightning. 

            The next time Alissa showed up to play, little Enya sneaked away towards the wall. She hid in the bush and waited. This was not a small task for the precocious girl, for the bush did not appreciate its new inhabitant. It brushed against her skin, causing her to itch. Every time Enya squirmed, the bush poked her face and tangled her hair, but the dreadful shrubbery was no match for Enya’s stubborn curiosity. Several long hours later, her patience was rewarded when she spied Alissa rushing to the wall. Slightly panting, Alissa crouched down and pushed against one of the large grey stones.  The stone shifted, creating a muffled rumbling noise and allowing Alissa to crawl through the small opening. Enya barely waited for the stone to roll back into place before she scrambled to the wall and pushed her way inside. 

            She cursed her luck when she saw that another large bush was on the other side, blocking her view. After Enya crawled through the bush, she stared at the many bright flowers that decorated the grand garden. To her astonishment, Enya realized that she must be inside the castle courtyard. She caught a glimpse of Alissa climbing through a small castle window. Enya rushed forward determined not to lose sight of her target. She clumsily clambered through the window and fell on the stone floor with a hard thud. Alissa spun around when she heard the commotion. 

            “Enya! You should not be here! Quickly now! Leave before someone sees you!” 

            Alissa helped Enya up and tried to lead her back to the window, but Enya shoved her away.

            “How come you get to stay here?” Enya whined. “You know I don’t have a place to live! Why can’t I stay here too?”

            “Enya, you cannot stay here. You are not permitted. You must leave at once!”

            “This is a nice room,” she remarked as she surveyed the surroundings. “Is this your bedroom?”

            “Yes, now please hurry!” Alissa gently pushed her toward the window.

            “But my arm hurts!” Enya moaned. “I fell on my arm and now it hurts!”

            “Shh! I understand,” Alissa hushed. “You may stay here until your arm feels better, but you must remain quiet and out of sight. No one is permitted to –“ she abruptly stopped when she heard incoming footsteps.

            “Quickly, Enya! Hide under my bed!” she frantically whispered.

            “Stop pushing! I’m not going under your bed. It’s too dusty.”

            “You have to hide! Please hurry!”

            Enya considered listening, but it was already too late. A beautifully dressed woman opened the door and entered the room. It took her piercing narrowed eyes but a moment to see Enya. The woman’s already disapproving grimace hardened into a terrifying scowl. She slammed the door shut behind her. 

            “Alissaveta!  Who is this?” the woman demanded.

            “Mother, this is Enya. She lives in the village, but she is leaving.”

      Enya glanced nervously at Alissa. Alissa’s eyes were pleading a silent request which caused Enya much concern.

            The woman wagged her finger in Enya’s face. “How dare you break into the castle!” the woman yelled at Enya. 

     The girl shuddered. She was used to being screamed at, but she didn’t like this old woman being so close to her face. The woman’s eyes had an eerie glaze, and her breath was hot and betrayed the smell of her yellowed teeth. Yet Enya did not back away but forced her eyes to meet the woman’s glare.

     The woman scoffed and turned to Alissa. “Does she know anything?” she asked.

            “No. She knows nothing, and she was just about to leave. Please, mother, it was an accident. She won’t come back.”

            “Wait!” cried Enya. “You can’t throw me out! I do know something! I know everything!”

             Of course, Enya was lying. She had no idea what Alissa and her mother were talking about. She was even more confused than when she first came in, but she could not leave without knowing their secret. Her curiosity was too great, and she had nowhere else to go anyway.

            “She’s lying. She doesn’t know anything,” Alissa perceived.

            “It does not matter” the woman dismissed Alissa’s words. “She knows too much already.” She reached down and grabbed Enya’s arm. “Alissaveta, you remain here. I am calling the guards and throwing this scamp into the dungeons where she will not bother us anymore.” She yanked Enya towards the door.

            “No! Let me go!”

            “Mother, please don’t do that,” Alissa begged. She grasped the woman’s free hand. The woman recoiled her hand, either unaccustomed to such affection or unwilling to allow it to cloud her judgment.

      “Enya won’t tell anyone!” Alissa continued. “I like her, and she can be my friend. She can even stay with me. She’s an orphan and has no home of her own.”

            “You should not be so trusting of people,” the woman scolded, “especially of riffraff such as this child. She broke into your room, and now she must suffer the consequences.”

            “But didn’t you say that I should have my own personal maid? That could be Enya!”

            The woman lifted Enya’s arm, causing the uncoordinated girl to have to balance on her toes. “You would allow this girl to be your maid? This scamp has no formal training, no etiquette, no poise –“

            “She could learn,” Alissa persisted. “Enya is very smart. I know that she would be a good companion for me. Please, it could be my present for my birthday.”

            The princess was nearly a month away from her eleventh birthday, but it was never too soon to start thinking about presents. The woman peered at Enya. “How old are you?” she asked.

            “I’m eleven and five months,” Enya replied. She tugged her arm away from the old woman.

            “That is close enough in age,” the woman conceded, “but she would be your servant, not a companion. Do you truly want this, Alissaveta?”

            Alissa walked over and took Enya’s hand. 

            “You’ll see, Mother. Enya is a fast learner. She will do a marvelous job.”

            “I wish that could be true,” the woman sighed. “When you tire of her and want a real maid, inform me immediately. Until then, “ she addressed Enya, “your job will be to take care of Princess Alissaveta. You are to serve her food, brush her hair, clean her chambers, and assist in any way possible. Do you understand, girl?”

            Enya nodded her head. The woman still appeared cross; but seeing that there was nothing else for her to do and no one else for her to scold, she stormed out of the room and locked the door behind her. Enya spun around to face Alissa.

     “You’re Alissaveta? The princess of Bravona?”

            Alissaveta did not immediately respond. Instead, she opened a small drawer near her bed and retrieved a delicate handkerchief and a small glass bottle.

            “Where did you get hurt, Enya?”


            “You fell through my window and indicated that you were in pain. Where exactly do you feel the most discomfort?”

            Enya pointed to her elbow. Alissa removed the cork from the bottle and poured the liquid onto the handkerchief. She led Enya to a sofa and gently placed the handkerchief against Enya’s sore arm.

            “Don’t worry,” Alissa soothed. “I’ve used this before on myself. I don’t know if it actually helps, but it will not make your arm any worse at least.” She paused before saying, “Yes, I am the princess. The woman who you met was my mother, the queen.”

            “Why is she so mean?” asked Enya.

            “She is not truly mean-spirited but only heartbroken,” explained Alissa. “Two years ago, my father died. Mother has not been the same since his death. You see, she has no son to inherit the throne. Her only hope is for me to marry a prince or a king.”

            “You have to get married?”

            “Not yet, but I know I must someday.” Alissa stood and walked about the room as she continued her explanation. “I have no other sisters. The duty of marriage falls solely on me. This has made Mother  . . . paranoid. She is afraid that something will happen to me since I am her only heir. Well, I do have a cousin, but Mother won’t allow him to visit anymore. For two years, she has placed me in isolation. I have only a few tutors and servants. I do not receive any other visitors. I am not allowed to leave the east wing of the castle. This is why I must sneak out.”

            “Your mother doesn’t know you leave the castle?”

            “No, and you must not tell her. No one else knows who I am, so you also must not tell anyone my secret,” Alissa insisted. “I have to be able to go out and play. It is too much for me to stay inside the castle every day! My mother and my tutors always come to my room at a regulated schedule. In between, I go outside and play and climb trees and explore and learn and dance and ride!” 

     Alissa spun around giggling. It would be so much fun now that someone else knew her secret!

            “Ride?” Enya asked. 

            “Oh yes! I have a horse. His name is Falada. I visit him, and Mother lets me ride him in the courtyard. He’s used to me, but I’m sure he will like you. Now, you can ride him!”

            “No! I’m scared of horses!”

            “Don’t worry, Enya. Falada is a good horse. I will make sure that he is nice to you, and you can share everything I have. You can play with my toys, read my books –“

            “I can’t read,” Enya shrugged. 

            “Then I will teach you! I will try to teach you everything I know, and I will do my very best to be a good friend.” Alissa held out her hand. “Take my hand to accept the promise.”


            “I am making a promise to you that I will be your friend. When you take my hand, it will mean that you are in agreement with what I said. Then, it becomes a promise, and I never break a promise.”

            Enya took Alissa’s hand. Alissa smiled, and Enya grinned back. This was an unusual situation that Enya was now in, but it was certainly better than sleeping in the street. Even though the old shrew had almost thrown her in jail, Enya believed that she would be safe. She didn’t know how to explain it, but there was something in the way in which the young princess grasped her hand and spoke with such sincerity. Alissa had made a promise, and Enya knew that promise would be kept. 

Friday, March 30, 2018


Kim drops her things at the Relay.           
     She won’t hear a whine or pout                .
She has to leave without delay.
     With her work, Kim’s so devout.
Her job has status and high pay.
     She can’t see she’s missing out.

I’m happy when I see my Kyle.
     I’m in a state of blissing.
I notice every frown or smile,
     That others are dismissing.
It’s nice that for a little while,
     The boy gets what he’s missing.

At eight we see the mom chauffeur.
     Relay Daycare lights are dimmed.
“Until tomorrow,” I assure,
     And then Kyle goes home with Kim.
Though he’s with her, he’s missing her,
     But she’s never missing him.


Siren Your voice is a bewitching sound. I follow y...